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Rune Pendants Singles

Product image 1Rune Pendants - Alder Wood
Product image 2Rune Pendants - Alder Wood
Product image 3Rune Pendants - Alder Wood
Product image 4Rune Pendants - Alder Wood

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This listing is for Rune Pendants. There are 24 runes to choose from, 2 styles and 4 sizes. Please see the first image and 4th images for your style & rune choice and the 2nd and 3rd images for sizes. Each pendant comes with an 18 inch black cord necklace that can be adjusted to 20 inches. They are made of alder wood and are 1/8" thick. 

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Runes had magical powers. They could predict the future, counteract harmful forces, provide various qualities, or they could be used in incantations, curses and magic spells. But most of the known runic inscriptions are of a more down-to-earth nature and were for everyday use.

The meaning of the runes:

Fehu, - Meaning: wealth.

Uruz - Meaning: strength of will.

Thurisaz - Meaning: danger, suffering.

Ansuz - Meaning: prosperity, vitality.

Raidho - Meaning: movement, work, growth.

Kaunan - Meaning: mortality, pain.

Gebo - Meaning: generosity.

Wunjo - Meaning: joy, ecstasy.

Hagalaz - Meaning: destruction, chaos.

Naudhiz - Meaning: need, unfulfilled desire.

Isaz - Meaning: possibly Ice - unknown (the rune poems are ambiguous and contradictory).

Jera - Meaning: harvest, reward.

Eihwaz - Meaning: strength, stability.

Pertho - Meaning: unknown.

Algiz - Meaning: defense

Sowilo - Meaning: success, solace.

Tiwaz - Meaning: victory, honor.

Berkanan - Meaning: fertility, growth, sustenance.

Ehwaz - Meaning: trust, faith, companionship.

Mannaz - Meaning: augmentation, support.

Laguz - Meaning: formlessness, chaos, potentiality, the unknown.

Ingwaz - Meaning: fertilization, the beginning of something, the actualization of potential.

Othalan - Meaning: inheritance, heritage, tradition, nobility.

Daga - Meaning: hope, happiness.

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