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Zen and Meow is a goddess owned business in West Virginia.  The founder, Kelly, had a retail shop in Gettysburg PA for several years but has decided to move in a different direction and focus on creating awesome products for the metaphysical community. Kelly creates wood crystal grids, pendulum boards and more.  All with a metaphysical focus.  She also sells crystals and stones. 

Her goal is to bring people together with tools that will help promote healing and increase spiritual awareness.

She works on new designs for both her jewelry and crystal grid lines each month so check back often.


So, why choose us over other companies? Good question! Here are some reasons. 

Excellent Quality - We source high quality wood and crystals for our products.  While our material quality is high we practice ethical and sustainable sourcing. 

Made in the USA - All of our end products are made in the USA.  Even though we ethically import some of our stones and wood, we manufacture everything in Pennsylvania.  

Fast Production Times - All of our engraved products are made to order. We aim to have your order made within a week, if not sooner, and shipped immediately upon completion.

Sustainable Forestry - We purchase our wood from vendors that practice responsible forestry.  They are members of the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC's mission is to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests.

Great Customer Service - We aim to please and will always be available to you to assist you in any issues you may have.  Customer service should always be top notch and we strive to bring you nothing less than that. 

Passion - We LOVE what we do, we love what we create and we love being able to bring it to you. 


Wholesale items offered:

Wholesale Crystal Grids

Wholesale Gifts

Wholesale Metaphysical Gifts

Wholesale Spiritual Products

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